Pilates Movement with Jenny

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What is Pilates

Pilates is an evolving series of exercises that encourages good posture and alignment, releases muscular tension and restores natural flowing movements of the body.  


Many of the exercises focus on the deep postural muscles helping to keep the spine supported and body balanced. Pilates strengthens the core muscles needed to support our body, improves range movement and flexibility of the joints.  


Central to the Pilates method  is  the awareness of your own body or proprioception.


Many of us lead sedentary lives, working at a desk for the majority of the day or performing repetitive movements, this can cause stress and tension to build up in the body and mind.  Pilates can help to relieve the effects of day to day activities on our bodies.


Pilates is a good addition to other sports and physical activities; many professional sports teams use Pilates to prevent and protect against injury and as a training aid.  


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A maximum of 12 people to each class this means that you get the right amount of individual attention. Exercises are taught by demonstration and description, in order for you to get the most out of the lesson corrections are given verbaly and with hands on corrections.

During a class your focus is on yourself, work at your own level and within your ability.  If you are recovering from an injury avoid any movements that cause pain and always let me know if something doesn't feel right.  

Exercises are done on mats, lying on your side, front, knealing on all fours, sitting and standing.  During the class we focus on control, core strength and movement.  Every class is slightly different and there will be a natural progression throughout the term. All equipment is supplied, if you would like to bring your own mat you are welcome to.  


"What do I wear?" Wear clothes that you can move easily in, nothing too baggy as I need to see your movments clearly. It is important that you feel comfortable during the class.  


"Will I loose weight by doing Pilates?" Pilates focuses on the ability to move in a fluid and supported way to maintain the health of the body. Pilates is not an aerobic activity therefore not designed for weight loss, but many people find that by doing a combination of aerobic activity and Pilates weight loss can be achieved. I do suggest that along side attending the Pilates class you take part in aerobic activity such as walking, running, swimming or cycling if you are wanting to loose weight.  


"Will Pilates cure my 'bad back'?"

Pilates has been reported to 'cure or help bad backs' it is important to be aware that Pilates is not a therapy and therefore should not be used in place of treatment for injuries.  Pilates can certainly help to aid recovery but it is very imporant to check with your doctor or medical practictioner before starting Pilates to make sure that you are ok to start exercising.  It is important that any injuries are old and that you are not in pain when attending Pilates classes.  If you have previously had a injury that has required treatment from a medical practitioner or have been advised to start Pilates it is essential that before starting a group class you attend a private lesson to have a movement assessment.  Please do get in contact if you have any other queries about Pilates classes.  It is required that you fill out an enrolment form before your first class and that the information detailed on the form is correct.


"Which class should I attend?"

You may notice that on my timetable there is a class named Pilates for Bone Health, this class is specifically designed for anyone with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis but this does not mean that if you are fit and well that you will not benefit from attending this class as it is still a well rounded workout that will challenge you.  

As a beginner it is best to attend a 1:1 lesson before you start a group class so that you know some of the basic exercises and have an understanding of the Pilates principles before you start a group class.  

General level classes anyone is welcome to attend, the class will be catered to those attending.

Improver level are ideal if you have been doing Pilates a while and want to progress from the beginner exercises.  

Intermediate level classes, we work on many of the intermediate exercises which can be very challenging.  

In my classes I do offer alternatives for some of the more challenging exercises and I encourage everyone to work at a pace and level that is appropriate for them.

What to expect in a Pilates Class

The Eight Principles of Body Control Pilates  

  • Relaxation

  • Concentration

  • Co-ordination

  • Centring

  • Alignment

  • Breathing

  • Stamina  

  • Flowing Movements